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A Vast Collection of Posters are Available to View in our Southampton Location

Show off your style, interests, and add a bit of history to your home with the perfect poster. There is a reason why vintage posters are trendy. Pop culture is great, but vintage pop culture is even better. You can also view the entire collection of posters that we have available for you at:  Chisholm Poster & Poster Museum.

The art form of vintage posters dates back to France circa 1850 with the creation of color lithography printing. It allowed artists to print with vibrant colors, ushering in a new era. Once an artist created an image, it could be reproduced inexpensively, which allowed for posters to become the preferred method of advertising. This era in advertising would have made even Don Draper jealous! These “original” reproductions are no doubt found in factories and basements as leftovers, but time has elevated them and they are now considered fine art. They can be found in grand collections worldwide. 

Whether you have an interest in classic advertising, maps, history, or music, we are sure once you enter Hampton Framing you will find something you just have to have!

A small selection of what we have available.

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Poster Conservation & The Linen-Backing Process

We carry many linen backed posters, and are equipped to have a poster linen backed for you. This is a very delicate, unique process of adding a cloth to the back of a poster with a special conservation paste in order to preserve all aspects of the poster. This process gives the poster an authentic look and will further increase its value over time.  

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